Robin Falcon - Vocals/Acoustic Gtr

Ex- lead singer of Deep South in the Nineties and The Rodneys. Also played in the Far East in between these two, with the band Moose Caboose for 4 years, and around UK and Europe with Jam Sandwich in the new millennium. Singer/songwriter for Deep South, with 2 albums released on the Turning Point Label 1990-2. Has written material for both the Crossfire album, released in 2015, and a new solo album released in Summer 2015 - both albums on itunes/amazon and spotify. He has a distinctive voice and thrashes an acoustic guitar to within an inch of its life.

Damion Wells - Lead Guitar

Damion is a force of nature on guitar. A great Rock and blues player, with superb sound and feel. He has played with numerous bands over the years, and is also an accomplished songwriter.

Max Schroepher - Drums

Max has played with numerous bands, including Miasma, Dr Funkenstein, The Red Hot Silly Peckers, Blow, Wez, The Umbrella Men and Tapestry. A diverse mix , incorporating Rock, Metal, Pop, Rock & Roll, Disco, Blues and Funk. Early influences included Guns n Roses, Metallica and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, later acquiring a taste for Funk and Blues based Rock.

Nick Parvin - Bass

Raised on a diet of Beatles, Stones, Small Faces, Elvis, Little Richard, Ella & Louis, Joni Mitchell, New Wave, Punk, Heavy Rock, Soul, Funk and Indie, Nick has in his time, played virtually all styles of music; passionate about the lot. Having spent most of his working life as a guitarist, songwriter and producer playing the smallest pub backrooms to arena stages he has recently turned to the bass; ”trying to be the bass player I always wanted in the band when I was a guitarist”. His playing is always complimentary to the song and the musicians around him. Almost OCD levels of thought and detail inform every note and timbre but never at the expense of an energetic & electric live performance.

Mol - Bass

Mol is influenced by many, including Zappa, ZZ TOP, Level 42, Marcus Miller, Steve Reich and Hector Berlioz to name a few. He enjoys making sweet music, Sailing and Experimental music, and works as Head of Music at a local Kent college.

He currently plays with PULSE and Richard Rozze, as well as Crossfire. He has previously played in Zipperface RALPH, K9, Born 2B, The Spanking Llamas, Mellons Lemons, Jonathan Wells Band, Blues Fuse and various shows as pit bassist. Can often be heard playing his GB Spitfire through Mark Bass and EBS gear.